January 5, 2010

Review: Kirkland Signature Body Soap

I never go without Costco's Kirkland brand paper towels, bath tissue, and baby wipes. These products perform just as well as the name brands at only half the cost. On my last Costco visit I decided to replace my current Dove soap with the Kirkland Signature Body Soap. I paid around $12 for 15 individually wrapped bars. Both of my boys suffer from eczema and my daughter has sensitive skin. So, I'm always careful to buy soaps that are moisturizing without being full of fragrance. Dove and Oil of Olay brand soaps have never failed us at keeping their skin issues at bay. But, I'm always looking for a way to save a few dollars without compromising quality.

The soap lathered like a dream and smelled delicate light and fresh. Just what I have come to love about Dove soaps. However, once the soap was rinsed away it left a chalky film on my skin and in the bathtub that reminded me of Ivory soap. My skin didn't feel excessively dry but, definitely didn't feel moisturized from the soap that claims to be 25% moisturizing cream.  Sadly, it didn't meet my expectations and I will be returning it for a refund.


Stephanie said...

Hi. I was stopping by from Community of Moms. I am going to LOVE your blog!!!! Have you ever been on Makeupalley?? Lots of ladies like us sharing and rating products! I'll be back soon. :)