February 17, 2010

Winter Wallop

I thought being snowed in and off of work for a week would be an amazing little free vacation. What was I thinking? The three kids, my husband, my mom, brother and the dog in the house with no place to go but crazy!

The kids did enjoy watching the white out blizzard from the windows. They needed to burn off some energy so we sent them outside to play but, it didnt last very long. Mama didn't raise no fools. It was was too cold out for that plum foolery.

I can't stand the whole process of cleaning up after the kids come in from the snow. The slippery floor, the wet clothes, hats, and gloves. All the freaking layers that don't want to peel off. On to the baths because they are somehow sweaty, stinky and cold all at the same time. Then there's the laundry. You know after it's washed you can't just throw into the dryer. That would be way too easy. Everything has to be hung or laid flat to dry. A never ending cycle of housework just to play in the snow for 30 minutes.

 The adults spent alot of time watching movies and eating. I'm actually very scared to even look at the scale because all I really did was eat. Oh, and then I ate some more. Searched online for yummy recipes to eat, and watched a ton of the Food Network Channel shows of people eating. Shows like "The Best Thing I Ever Ate..." should be banned. Seriously.

The backyard!