April 20, 2010

DIY Bikini Wax. FAIL!

I know what you're thinking. What on God's green earth made me try this?

Yesterday I was just in the mood to experiment. I was full of energy and wanted to take things into my own hands. Cinnamon rolls and a bikini wax. Pause. The waxing makes my cinnamon rolls sound significantly less appealing. Please don't blame them! More on the cinnamon roll recipe I got from The Pioneer Woman tomorrow.

I have stopped getting bikini waxes done professionally. I switched to Veet about a year ago and it has never let me down. Now, don't get it twisted...it's not the same but it's close enough and keeps a few extra coins in my pocket. I have successfully waxed my underarms with the hubby's help plenty of times. I apply my Gigi honey wax, apply the muslin strip, press to make sure it's nice and smooth and get my husband to rip the strip in the opposite direction the hair grows. He acts like he hates when I ask him to help with this. I think he secretly enjoys to see me cringe. The results last about a month.

So, back to the bikini...without giving too many unnecessary details....I still have some wax down below. Um, yeah. It took me so long to remove the excess wax that my neck started to hurt. FAIL. Back to Veet. At least the cinnamon rolls turned out good, right? You can't have it all.


Anonymous said...

this is absolutely hilarious! i must say when i first opened the page, the picture looked like some weird sex thing with honey...LOL!

anyhoo, i'd stick with VEET if i were you too! lol!

now, on to the cinnamon rolls...