April 6, 2010

Your Baby Can Read Review

The very minute after I twisted my husband's arm talked my husband into agreeing to fork over the dough for this program, I was online ordering it. This turned into a required phone call. Then, led to a representative trying to sell me an unrelated product. After politely declining, I was asked two additional times. This just reminded me of why I shop online…it’s usually hassle free! Grrr.

I played the beginning disc on Sunday for my little people. My 2 1/2 year old son, who loves watching television didn't budge while it was playing. He even requested to watch it again. So, we played it twice back to back. My 18 month old Princess glanced at the screen only when I prompted her, then went about her business. I had read reviews about the disc being cheaply directed considering the total cost of the program. I thought the quality was just fine. I think flashing lights, graphics, or any other bells and whistles could possibly take the focus off of main concepts. Now, it can be painful for an adult to sit through. But, as a parent you get used to things like that.

Both of my toddler's did enjoy the flash cards. We are currently trying to get my Princess to open her mouth and speak because she grunts most of the time. She actually spoke the works on the flash cards. No, it wasn’t her first time being introduced to flash cards. I think she was intrigued by being able to pull out the corresponding vivid picture alongside the word. The flash cards are awesome and are study enough to endure the wear of little people.

So far my 2 1/2 year old has watched the video at least 6 times in three days. He will watch it tonight before bed and both toddlers will play with the flash cards and books. My son has memorized the word "hi" and "tiger” so far. It's a step in the right direction…very quick step.

I will keep you updated monthly on our progress. I would love to hear our experiences with Your Baby Can Read!


yummy411 said...

wow awesome review! thanks for sharing! i've always wondered about these programs, but never looked into them. reading and spelling was used as code before mine got the hang of putting letters and words together. so i didn't mind that he learned later/at the appropriate age haha!