October 15, 2009

Malachi's easy, affordable & fun 1st Birthday!

My son just turned 1 years old on Sept 28th. My husband and I could not come up with idea's for our son's birthday. Finally after about two weeks of thinking of an idea, we came up with a crayola theme. Every kid loves bright colors! I purchased a moon bounce on craigslist for $75 dollars, which it can be used for many years to come. I cooked hot dogs and chicken nuggets for the kiddies and for the parents they had chicken, pasta salad, fruit and veggies. I also found someone to do a home made cake for $50 dollars in the shape of a crayola crayon box! The cake was amazing I was impressed.

The weather was perfect and the kids loved doing side walk chalk ($8 dollars for a box of chalk). My son had a wagon and a lot of parents were giving the children wagon rides (Free). Last but not least I went to target and found Crayola felt bags and used as gift bags ($1 each bag), I put some little goods in the bag out of the $1 section in Target as well. Plus little odds and ends where purchased ( eating utensils, beverages, ect..)

The total cost of the party rounded to about $260 dollars - the moon bounce $185!
In gathering feedback from some of the other parents they were truly happy and impressed with the outcome of the party. They were amazed with some of the simple and cheap ideal's that the kids enjoyed!