October 18, 2009

Kodak EasyShare Z1015 REVIEW!

The Kodak EasyShare Z1015 IS is an affordable ultra-zoom point-and-shoot retailing for $299.95. Any other professional camera would range anywhere between $600-2,000. A 15x optical zoom for that price is certainly a deal, this camera features high resolution pictures with 10 megapixels. The user interface of the Z1015 IS is simple and easy to learn, and more advanced users will appreciate the full complement of manual controls available along with RAW support.

MY PERSONAL REVIEW: I absolutely love this camera, it is easy to camera and maneuver being that I have my son. I am able to hold my son and the camera and not have the fear of dropping either one. When my son is on the go the camera has a SPORTS or IN MOTION function where I can capture my little one in action.I am able to take my own pictures instead of paying an arm or a leg for studio pictures. I feel that if you are trying to get into photography or just want to have some great high quality pictures that this is the camera to use. I feel it was worth the cost!